tarl jr

cranky old dwarf with a death wish and a score to settle. loves booze, prospecting and his family. Feckn goblins killed his family; so now all he has is booze, and his hammer.


Tarl Jr. is the sole survivor of the dwarven prospecting Clan Rockgromril, famous through out all dwarven lands for discovering new sources of the precious metal Gromril. Tarl’s clan traveled the darkest mountains in search of the ore with a clan of smelters (Clan Gromelt) and founders (Clan Castgrom) who processed their ore into ingots to supply the armorers of Karak Azgaraz.

Late one moonless night Tarl and the members of his prospecting party returned to find their hold in flames. Goblins had raided the hold and set the foundry ablaze. Tarl and his four companions fought to destroy as many of the green skins as they could, engulfed in a magical rage; swinging mining picks and rock crushing hammers. Only two of the miners survived the battle, but the goblins were sent fleeing into the darkness.

Once the raiders were repeled the miners searched for their clanmates. No survivors remained, and many of the corpses had been defiled by the green vermin. Tarl and the other survivor gathered what they could carry and pursued the goblins deeper into the mountains. For many moons Tarls revenge party lived in abandoned caves and conducted raids against the beasts that had killed their families. Fueled by a strict diet of bats, rats, rage and a liquor they distilled from goblin blood with ancient herbs the two dwarves killed many goblins, but never found peace.

One bitter night Tarl awoke to a vision of his dead clanmates, who told him of glory to be found through death in the slayer cult. Tarl and his fellow traveler parted ways the next morning. Tarl headed towards the hold of the slayers, to seek his ultimate reward. His friend wandered the opposite direction, driving on into the mist surrounding the goblin lands and his own peace.

tarl jr

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