The Darkness of Karak Dum

Lost long after the War of the Beard, the ancient dwarven stronghold of Karak Dum has remained silent in the depths of the Grey Mountains for centuries. Recently, Bretonnian Caravan Gaurds and the Imperial Road Wardens of Ax Bite Pass have reported an increase in Greenskins Raids. While making the trek through Ax Bite Pass, a Greenskin attack is not something uncommon. What is strange is that in addition to the increase in goblinoids, sightings of more sinister abominations have been logged, beings of the most foul and unnatural magic practices. It is unlikely that coincidence is a factor given the proximity to this small ruins of Karak Dum. Something maybe be stirring in it’s depths. Perhaps a previously unknown Greenskin war band has taken up residence, or Sigmar forbid, a twisted Hedge Wizard, who seeks destruction for the small Villages near Ax Bite Pass…

In other news of the Realm, the town of Ubersreik, is preparing for racous festival after a blessed Harvest, Praise be to Taal! The local Burgermeisters are importing only the finest ales that Bugman’s Brewery has to offer in preparation for this glorious occassion. The Red Moon Inn will surely be short of vacancy. However, it is best to beware of the local brigands, as there has been a noticable increase of cut purses and of missing persons reported to the local watch. Take heed.

Here ye,

Local Lord Rickard Aschaffenberg has wed the eldest daughter of the von Brunor Family. Witnesses of the joyous occassion have told tall tales of Count von Brunor’s most generous dowry, which is said to have included the von Brunor family hunting lodge, the Grunwald Estate. With the quiet and untimely death of Count von Brunor’s only son at Grunwald, the lodge has been deteriorating for decades. Lord Aschaffenberg’s boistrous personality will surely bring life back to it.


I like it. We’ll g-chat about it later for sure.

The Darkness of Karak Dum
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