Horror of Hugeldal

Part I

Drogan Von Grunewald is approached by his one time rival Sigfried von Saponatheim as he makes repairations to the recently inherited Grunewald Lodge. While he tries to keep the sinking finances secret, he reluctantly accepts the Noble task of investigating why his Lord’s cousin is harassing Shallyan Priests.

To his surpise he discovers his form fellowship at a Toll House on his way to Hugeldal. There is much feasting and talking of separate journeys throughout the Reikland. Talk of chasing dead ends in the woods, studying experiments and commissioned goblins hunts in the Grey Mountains.

The party travels to Hugeldal, but encounters some Shallya priests being attacked by bandits. The party quicklymoves in to stop the attack. They are forced to kill most of the bandits, but one, their leader escapes. Only one of the Shallyan priests survive. The companions discover that their close acqaintence from the indcident near Grunewald lodge is among the fallen. The Shallyan Priestess, Sister Sonja, dies in the arms of the Sigmaite.

The heroes also saved a Strigory wagon accompanying the Shallyans. The Strigany Merchant agrees to give a ride to the remaining Shallyan priest, who hopes to return with a sealed proclaimation…and more help.

Part II

After interrogating a dieing bandit the heroes discover that Tarwin Fleisher had coordinated the attack on the shallyans. the rest of the bandits merely thought it was to rough them up. Max Fleisher, Tarwin’s brother is among the dead bandits, consquently he fought the boldest against the might of the Trollslyer.

Once to the gates of the Mining Town, Hugeldal, the companions discovere and confirm that Lady Agnetha Von Jungfreud has indeed banned the Cult of Shallya by public proclaimation!
The Heroes took up residence at The Bucket of Blood Inn. The Bucket of Blood Inn is actually named after a local legend surrounding the well in the center of town, it’s main source of drinking water.

The companions explore the thinly populated town and even have an immediate audience with the Lady of the Manor. They discover that ghoulpox has recently ravaged through hugeldal and killed Agnetha’s husband. It also scarred her once beautiful features and nearly killed her only son. The Shallyan were powerless against the disease and only Dr. Wilheml Verfullens’s antidote was successful. As Agnetha slips into dispondence she bans the Cult from her town.

The compnaions also learn that a crusade ventured south to deal with growing signs of chaos that is blighting crops across the countryside. Refugees have taken up at temple of sigmar but the priest left to lead the crusade. The hero’s Sigmarite bBrother administers blessings and hear’s their tales of sorrow.

There is no sign of Tarwin Fleisher, and the Inn Keeper believes that he has been gone for days. He also expresses his deep concern about the Lady and the Shallyans. He offers the heroes a free night’s stay in his best room. The party sleeps in various blankets from the Inn Keeper, Gundrun…but, nearly everyone wakes up incredibly ill. The blankets were filthy and covered in disease and bacteria. The Elf and Dwarf wake up with Black Legge and the Galloping Trots. However, they discover that the Gundrun has also now fled the town.

The party soon confirms that Dr. Verfullen has taken over at the Temple of Shallya for his own growing private practice. Verfullen is quickly rooted out by the companion’s investigation to not only be the SOURCE of the Ghoulpox, but also is behind the violence against the Shallyans, with the assitance of Gundrun the Inn Keeper and the Fleisher brothers. All them, he has handsomely paid. Verfullen has pledged his surrender after a brief escape attempt.

Part III

The party convices Dr. Verfullen to work with them and MAYBE he’ll only get a life of imprisonment. Verfullen then hands over a letter from the mysterious F. He suspect there are associations to chaos. Volkel discovered several notes from “F” in Verfullen’s office, including vials of potions. Verfullen admits to the conspiracy with Gundrun the Innkeeper about getting the Shallyans out of town and framing the Strigrany.

A circus caravan arrives in the morning, and it’s no coincidence that it arrives the same day as is on "F"’s letter to Verfullen. The party stakes out the Circus wagons as Verfullen attends the planned meeting with the head of the Circus. Verfullen returns with instructions to meet at the Shallyan Temple for a special delivery.

Volkel assumes the magic form of a circus member and infiltrates the Temple, but he is too late save Dr. Verfullen or the Shallyan Servant Girl. He battles the revealed Chaos Sorcerer of Nurlge and several cultist, all of them led by a Plauge Bearer Daemon named Pnuemonshudder
The battle in the temple spills into the street of Hudeldal at the town well. Here the heroes kill off several cultists, and the Plague bearer Pnenumoshudder the Mephitic. But, the chaos sorcerer escapes as a cloud of flies…or does he?

The mining town of Hugeldal is saved! Lady Agnetha is brought to justice by her peers, the von Saponatheims, who banish her and her son to live out their days in an isloated country estate. Drogan returns to Grunewald several crowns richer and can continue repairs to his homely estate near Ubersreik.

The rest of the companions continue north to track down the remaining conspiritors, Gundrun and Tarwin. There’s word that they would have fled to the town of Eilhart


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